A new hyperspectral radiometer integrated in automated networks of water and land bidirectional reflectance measurements for satellite validation

HYPERNETS system and HYPSTAR® includes, among other things, an innovative VISNIR spectrometer and an optional additional SWIR spectrometer, the integration of a simple RGB imaging camera alongside hyperspectral measurements, a calibration device, a pan-tilt mechanism, site-dependent auxiliary infrastructures (solar/wind power, acquisition PC, data transmission, mounting frame/mast, etc) and complementary application-dependent optical instruments, a standardized data stream according to HYPERNETS protocols for easy and systematic exploitation by downstream validation networks.

Prototypes of the instrument and system are currently deployed and operated at a number of water and land validation test sites with diverse conditions. Feedback from the test sites allow us to further refine and improve the instrument, system and network designs.

In addition data will be processed and used to validate water and surface reflectance data from a large number of satellite missions. Finally the post-project commercialisation of the new instrument and any original components of the system will be prepared and project results will be exploited and disseminated to the scientific community and the general public.